1. Which type of tool is used by a Linux administrator to attack a computer or network to find vulnerabilities?

PenTesting is known as penetration testing and includes tools that are used to search for vulnerabilities in a network or computer by attacking it.

2. Which two methods can be used to harden a computing device? (Choose two.)

The basic best practices for device hardening are as follows:

  • Ensure physical security.
  • Minimize installed packages.
  • Disable unused services.
  • Use SSH and disable the root account login over SSH.
  • Keep the system updated.
  • Disable USB auto-detection.
  • Enforce strong passwords.
  • Force periodic password changes.
  • Keep users from re-using old passwords.
  • Review logs regularly.

3. A system administrator issues the command ps on a server that is running the Linux operating system. What is the purpose of this command?

The Linux ps command is used to list the currently running processes in the system. If needed, this command can be instructed to display running processes initiated by the current user or other users.

4. Which file system is the primary file system used by Apple in current Macintosh computers?

The primary file system used by Apple in its lates Macintosh computers is APFS.

5.What command is used to open a text editor in a Linux system?

The vim command is used to open a text editor; ls displays files within a directory; grep searches for strings of characters within a file; and ifconfig displays information about the network interface card.

6. Why would a rootkit be used by a hacker?

Hackers use rootkits to avoid detection as well as hide any software installed by the hacker.

7. A system administrator issues the apt-get upgrade command on a Linux operating system. What is the purpose of this command?

When the apt-get upgrade command is issued in a Linux terminal, all installed applications will attempt to upgrade to the latest version available.

8. A technician has captured packets on a network that has been running slowly when accessing the internet. Which port number should the technician look for within the captured material to locate HTTP packets?

HTTP uses TCP port 80 and HTTPS uses TCP port 443. HTTP and HTTPS are protocols commonly used to access web pages.

9. Which Linux command can be used to display the name of the current working directory?

One of the most important commands in Linux is the pwd command, which stands for print working directory. It shows users the physical path for the directory they are working in.

10. In the context of a Linux operating system, which command can be used to display the syntax and parameters for a specific command?

The functions of listed CLI commands of a Linux system are as follows:

  • cat – lists the contents of a file
  • man – displays the documentation for a specific command
  • crontab – manages the cron service for scheduling system tasks
  • grep – searches for specific strings of characters within a file or other commands outputs