Web scraping with ChatGPT

Web Scraping with ChatGPT is a specialized course designed to teach students how to combine web scraping techniques with ChatGPT, a language model AI, to extract and process data from the web. This course provides a deep understanding of web scraping, data extraction, and how to use ChatGPT for further analysis, generation, and interpretation of web data.

Course Objectives:

  1. Web Scraping Fundamentals: Gain a comprehensive understanding of web scraping techniques, including HTML parsing, HTTP requests, and using libraries like Beautiful Soup and Scrapy.
  2. ChatGPT Integration: Learn how to incorporate ChatGPT or similar language models to process and analyze the scraped data for various applications.
  3. Data Processing: Master data cleaning, transformation, and storage techniques to prepare scraped data for analysis and use with ChatGPT.
  4. Interactive Data Interpretation: Explore how ChatGPT can be used to generate insights, summaries, and natural language responses from the scraped data.
  5. Automated Data Collection: Create web scraping pipelines that automatically collect and analyze data from websites on a regular basis.
  6. Ethical Considerations: Discuss ethical considerations in web scraping, including terms of service, responsible data usage, and legal compliance.
  7. Real-World Projects: Apply your skills through hands-on projects, such as creating news summarization systems, price monitoring tools, or data-driven chatbots.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Basic Programming Knowledge
  • Web Basics
  • AI Fundamentals

Target Audience:

This course is suitable for individuals with a variety of backgrounds and interests, including:
  • Data Scientists and Analysts
  • Developers and Engineers
  • Business Analysts
  • Researchers and Academics.
  • Entrepreneurs and Startups
  • AI Enthusiasts

By the end of this course, participants will have the skills and knowledge required to extract, process, and analyze data from the web using web scraping techniques and integrate ChatGPT for interactive data interpretation and natural language responses.

Course Summary

Course Fee

৳ 10,000

Training Method


Total Modules


Course Duration

24 Hours

Total Session


Class Duration

2 Hours

Details Course Outlines - Web scraping with ChatGPT


Introduction to Web Scraping and ChatGPT


Advanced Web Scraping Techniques with ChatGPT


Selenium for Web Scraping


Real-World Projects and Case Studies


Final Assessment and Certification