1. Which key need to press to save BIOS changes?

2. Which are FTP Clients?

3. Virtualization Features depends on?

4. Heart of a Linux OS is?

5. Root user accessibility are:

6. Linux System Regular User UID Range?

7. You cannotset a specific UID or change it later?

8. Where to all the user database file?

9. How to exit from ‘less” command output?

10. When creating a new user, user name characteristicsare?

11. Command syntax used for add a new user?

12. Can regular user add another user without using “sudo” command?

13. User Profile info divide in?

14. Group Profile info divide in?

15. What define “:x:” in the user profile info?

16. Are password encrypted in Linux?

17. What symbol will show in Redhat/CentOS, if user password is not set?

18. Command syntax to set password for a user?

19. “su” stand for ?

20. What contain the last field of user profile info?

21. What is primary group?

22. GID for regular user start from?

23. Group password info stored in?

24. What contain the last field of group profile info?

25. Command syntax for add an existing user in a group?

26. You cannot add a particular user to more than one group in Linux?

27. Command syntax to remove a user from a group?